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Stanman's Creative Process

Stanman has been a tie dye artist for over 30 years. In the mid 1990s he could be found on summer tour with The Grateful Dead selling his tie dyed designs.

He got started working with glass by taking several classes at Bullseye in Portland. After building his glass studio he continued expanding his knowledge and technique by reading several dozen books on the subject.

Stanman worked many long nights with his kilns to create unique patterns in glass. After countless hours experimenting with many different ideas, Stanman rediscovered some old world techniques to make what he calls "Tie Dye Glass".

Learn How Stanman Creates His "Tie Dye Glass"


I choose the glass for my next project. All of the glass for my art glass products is manufactured locally by Bullseye Glass. They are pioneers in art glass manufacturing and have developed a full line of fusible colored glass for glass artists to choose from.

Step 2:

For this project I start with a sheet of clear "Bullseye Tekta" that is a quarter inch thick.

I place the glass sheet on my cutting table and gather the hand tools I need to measure, score and cut the glass into the dimensions I need.

Step 3:

After measuring the glass for the cuts I need to make, I use a Self Oiling Glass Cutter to score the glass. Scoring doesnt cut the glass in two, it just prepares the glass to be broke apart.

Step 4:

After scoring the glass I flip the sheet over and press the score line so it runs through the glass. Usually the glass will snap in two as I press down on the score line.

Im asked all the time if I get cuts from working with glass. Shards of glass from cutting are my enemy as I manage to get cut a few times a month.

But its all a part of the process. Blood, sweat and a few tears are the norm but its worth it to create my "Tie Dye Glass"!