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Creative Process
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Step 9:

After the glass has cooled to room temperature, I remove the formed glass products from my kilns.

Next, I inspect each piece to insure it was formed correctly to the shape of the mold. Since all of my glass products are handmade one at a time, each piece will have slight differences in design and shape.

However sometimes I get a surprise and end up with something funky that doesnt pass my inspection. Its just the nature of forming glass with a kiln!

Pieces that don't pass my inspection will be recycled into new glass products so nothing goes to waste.

Using a diamond hand lap tool and water I do a final smoothing of any rough edges and prepare my glass products for packaging & shipping.

Step 10:

I hand label, bubble wrap, and box each glass item to prepare it for shipping. I package each item in bubblewrap to insure your products arrive safely.

If you need to contact me about your order I can be reached by calling 503-431-1763 or by sending an email to: "Stan@TieDyeGlass.com".

I want my customers to be happy they spent their money on my handmade "Tie Dye Glass" products. I will do whatever is necessary to insure their complete satisfaction!