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Creative Process
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Step 4:

I choose the glass colors I want to use for my next project. I use Bullseye Glass in multiple colors, mixed to create a glass enamel that I use to create my "Tie Dye Glass" designs.

Step 5:

Next, I decorate each piece of glass according to the tie dye design I am trying to create. All of my glass products are created by hand, one at a time.

My "Tie Dye Glass" products are unique in the art glass business. Even my teachers at Bullseye dont know how I create these fantastic designs.

Ive taken many classes at the Bullseye Glass Factory in Portland & San Francisco, read dozens of books, and spent many long nights working with my kilns to figure out the best way to create kiln formed, art glass products.

After countless hours of research, I rediscovered some old world techniques to create my unique "Tie Dye Glass" designs.

Step 6:

After decorating the glass, each piece is prepared to be fired in one of my kilns.

While being fired in the kiln each piece is slowly heated to about 1500 degrees, then slowly cooled back down (annealed) to room temperature over a 24 hour period.

During this time the glass colors are fused together to create my unique "Tie Dye Glass" designs.